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Immunotherapy: Advanced cancer care (Tokyo Cancer Clinic)

A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. Navigating the medical system in Japan and knowing what treatments are best for you can be overwhelming. Without inside knowledge or a specialist to advocate for your care, you wouldn’t know that

Snowscapes of Japan

The Japanese archipelago is rich in geographical diversity and allows different regions to enjoy different winter sights. Due to the westerlies hitting the rugged, tall mountain ranges cutting through the country like a spine, the western side of the country

Re-Juvenate Pilates – Bilingual Pilates Studio in Omotesando

Taeko Farthing, owner of Re-Juvenate Pilates, tells us why it was important to her to create a welcoming studio for both expats and locals. What Inspired You to Open a Pilates Studio? About 13 years ago I had my second


Shopping complex designed for sophisticated urban adults.

Japanese Clinics & Hospitals

The first challenge facing anyone seeking medical attention in Japan is finding the right facility. Read about the differences between clinics and hospitals, and why you should choose a clinic for non-emergency cases, on this page.

Nihon System Service

One of the oldest international movers in Japan, a US State Department approved local agent in Tokyo.

Yokohama Sai International Preschool


Kitty International School

preschool preschool

Re-Juvenate Pilates

Re-Juvenate is a classical pilates studio offering personal and group classes on the full range of machines, in a bright and airy studio, just 4 minutes walk from Omotesando station. Pilates is a set of low-impact body conditioning exercises, designed

Series COVID-19: How pet owners can prevent and take precautions for COVID-19

It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 was swayed by COVID-19. The Expat’s Guide to Japan is now sharing information on how to prevent, deal with the viruses and so on with the help of Smart119. The fourth topic

Thinking about your dental health? Check out this clinic

There are likely many foreign residents in Japan who put off going to the dentist out of concerns about methods and treatment differing from those in their home country. With this in mind, we spoke to one Tokyo-based dentist who

Column : Let’s start learning Japanese!

Here’s a series of articles about tips for foreigners to learn Japanese by a Japanese language teacher at TCJ (Tokyo Central Japanese Language School) in Shinjuku Ward. Hello! I’m AKO, a Japanese language teacher at TCJ. When did you come

Esforta Roppongi

Esforta Roppongi is the fitness club for adults who want to practice fitness on daily basis in their urban lives. Targeting the middle-aged and elderly urbanites, it’s confident in its attentive hospitality (Omotenashi) and facilities with fully equipped gym, pool,

Series COVID-19: The Correct Timing for Spraying Hand Sanitizer

It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 was swayed by COVID-19. The Expat’s Guide to Japan is now sharing information on how to prevent, deal with the viruses and so on with the help of Smart119. The third topic

Series COVID-19: How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask Properly (Surgical Masks)

It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 was swayed by COVID-19. The Expat’s Guide to Japan is now sharing information on how to prevent, deal with the viruses and so on with the help of Smart119. The second topic


Sun Realty provides luxury housing and living support for elite expats seeking a home away from home in Tokyo. Their legacy of managing Homat properties and premier real estate in Tokyo extends back to 1954.

Series COVID-19: How to Prevent Heatstroke During Corona Disaster

The Expat’s Guide to Japan is now sharing information on how to prevent, deal with the viruses and so on with the help of Smart119. The 7th topic in the series is “How to Prevent Heatstroke During Corona Disaster”. Wearing

Series : How to prevent, deal with COVID-19

It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 was swayed by COVID-19, and unfortunately it has not gone yet. The Expat’s Guide to Japan is now sharing information on how to prevent, deal with the viruses and so on with

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ)

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ), founded in 1988, is a large-scale Japanese language school with a proven track record. TCJ supports Japanese language learners who are expecting or dreaming to be active in various fields. It provides world-class Japanese


“EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2020” is the first exhibition for expatriates in Japan. The main objective for this event is “to create an opportunity for foreign residents to get information on products and services offered in English for their comfortable lives

MEES International School

MEES Credo: “A child’s spontaneity and wonder are things to treasure for as long as they last; for the greatest minds, they last a lifetime.” At MEES preschool, the Montessori Method and the Reggio Emilia Approach are taken as its

Map of Tokyo & Yokohama

Popular area’s map of Tokyo and Yokohama, published in the booklet version. Click to enlarge.


Acacia was founded in 1963 in Shinjuku with its signature dish, cabbage roll stew stuffed with minced meat, and it is still located just few minute walk from Shinjuku Station, right by the Shinjuku Alta. Its cabbage roll is fully

Oakwood Tokyo International School


Restaurant KIHACHI

French and Italian cuisine that brings out the best in flavor of ingredients in original ways.

Mt. Fuji On-The-Rocks Glass, Sakura Premium (Edo Glass&Kiriko)

Silk Relo (formerly known as Asian Tigers Mobility)

Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital

Shinjuku Takano/ Takano Fruit Parlor

Café established by the fruit store with the history of 135 years, that specializes in desserts made from well-selected fruits. The fruits used at Takano represent the blessing of nature, savor of fruit itself, and the roles fruit play in

Blanc Rouge

Featuring the finest in French cuisine, Blanc Rouge offers a menu full of your favorite French dishes, with modern twists. The Wine Cellar houses 1,000 bottles of selected wines from the winery regions of Eastern Japan and around the globe.

Ministry of Justice’s human rights bodies offers free counseling services to foreigners

With the aim of giving proper respect to the human rights of foreigners, the The Ministry of Justice’s Human Rights Bodies has set up human rights counseling services accessible by phone (Foreign-language Human Rights Hotline), online (Human rights counseling services

Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art

The Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art opened in April 2003 on the 4th floor of what is now the Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Building. The Museum is home to a collection of almost 240 works by French artist Georges Rouault (1871-1958),

Tokyo International Progressive School

Kodomo Edu International School


“SHINJUKU” Did you know?

This time we will introduce you a very popular city in Tokyo, “Shinjuku” along with characteristic figures and pictures. Viewing the city with figures paves the way to see the unique side of the city, which you won’t be able

New style of owning car – Subscription services by Norel

Advantages of owning car in Japan If you decide to live in Japan, you will need to extend your trip around Japan, where the world’s most famous tourist spots are gathered. Many tourist spots in Japan are attractive because they

Summerhill International School – IB PYP EXHIBITION

Summerhill International School employs an education program based on the IB Primary Years Program. Here you can see moments from an “exhibition” where children present the results of their work within the program. Last year, Summerhill International School received accreditation

A new method of learning – Manai Institute of Science and Technology

With the coming of an increasingly AI-dependent society, education must adapt to provide the skills young people will require, not to merely be part of an existing framework, but to forge a path into the unknown. It is in that

Household Appliance Commands

Home Appliance Settings The famous washlet has its place in advanced household appliances along with others, but you can’t read what it says, and it’s risky to try out all the buttons without further confusion. To help, the following is

Summerhill International School Summer Program 2019

For Tokyo parents worried about what to do with the kids over summer break, Summerhill International School presents its Summer program 2019! A summer day program taking place for six weeks from mid-June to late July, Summer Program 2019 will

Leaving house for a while

Going away for a while? Here are some tips and points for when you will be leaving your home, so that you can leave comfortably and stress free. Contact information and postage procedures Provide your building’s management company with emergency

Gold Salon Tokyo – The importance of communication

Howard Lee Regner, Artistic Director of Gold Salon Tokyo, tells us about the philosophy behind his business and some of the things expats/visitors should be wary of when looking for a hairdresser in Japan. How did Gold Salon come about?

Mexican Dining and Catering

Having a party? Tired of the same flavors all the time? Why not try Mexican food? Guzman y Gomez (GYG)caters to and serves easy to eat Mexican food for parties and large group events. GYG’s concept is to share, as

Eating Out

Japan may have a reputation for being an expensive country, but you will find that there is a wide range of options where it comes to restaurants and food stands, and eating well doesn’t have to cost a lot. Below

Guzman y Gomez

Guzman y Gomez (GYG) is an Australian-born Mexican diner that serves authentic burritos, tacos, nachos and more. Foods prepared from fresh ingredients and use spices from Mexico. Event catering service available, includes corporate orders, delivery, booth set up, outside catering.

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Nezu Museum

Established in 1940, Nezu Museum houses a private collection of approx. 7400 pre-modern Japanese and East Asian art. The collection comprises of renowned paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, lacquerware and metalwork. The collection also includes Chinese bronzes of the Shang

International Food & Drink

Japan has a wide selection of foodstuffs available at its convenience stores and supermarkets, including many products of international origin. However, many expats in Japan find themselves missing certain items from home that just aren’t sold at the average supermarket.

Kitahara International Hospital


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