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About MAIS

MAIS is dedicated to assisting in the communication of promotional material aimed at foreign visitors and expats in Japan, and Japanese nationals travelling abroad.

With a focus on the the planning and production of multilingual materials, we manage promotional material for domestic and international travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and shops. We also produce lifestyle information for expats and tourist information for travellers in the form of a guidebook.

Projects and Services


  • Promotions aimed at visitors to Japan
  • Promotions aimed at expats in Japan
  • Creation and distribution of multilingual PR materials
  • Creation of multilingual websites
  • Administration of multilingual social media content
  • Creation of multilingual customer service manuals

Multilingual translation

  • Translation and localisation

In-house Media Publication

The Expat’s Guide to Japan
A lifestyle guide for foreign residents in Japan comprising a booklet and website.
Shopping Portal
A shopping map to the main commercial districts of Tokyo and Yokohama in East Japan, and Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nagoya in the West, aimed at foreign visitors to Japan.
Dr. Passport
A multilingual medical translation support tool, in the form of a booklet and smartphone application.
Corporate name: Mais Co., Ltd.
President: Satoko Nagasaki
Address: 6F Nisshin Bldg., 4-11 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
Phone: 03-5367-2119
Fax: 03-5367-2292
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