(original photo by Marufish; CC BY-SA 2.0)

Kanda Festival

This festival takes place at Kanda Myōjin (神田明神, Kanda Shrine), which has a history going back 1300 years. Alongside the Sannō festival and the Fukagawa festival, this event makes up one third of the three great Edo festivals. Moreover, together with the Gion festival in Kyoto and the Tenjin festival in Osaka, it is part of Japan’s three great festivals. The festival’s climax is reached when the sacred palanquins are carried toward Kanda Myojin Shrine. About 100 palanquins are carried through areas such as Akihabara and eventually make their way onto the compound grounds, creating an impressive finale to the festival.

Access Information
5 min from Ochanomizu Sta. on the JR/subway lines
The next Kanda Festival is scheduled for May 2017 (grand festival held every other year)
Website: Kanda Festival (in Japanese only)
Kanda Festival

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