Shinjuku Takano/ Takano Fruit Parlor

Café established by the fruit store with the history of 135 years, that specializes in desserts made from well-selected fruits. The fruits used at Takano represent the blessing of nature, savor of fruit itself, and the roles fruit play in our lives. Takano offers the new concept of lifestyle through their various products and services using fruits.
Takano offers original cakes and desserts using fruits with best qualities raised in the finest fruit farms, and processed by outstanding technology. Takano also plays role in creating new dessert menus, and holding workshop to learn about the beauty of fruits, as well as issuing magazines with articles featuring farms and producers of their fruits. Through these works, as café specialized in fruits, Takano is committing to develop “the culture of fruits”.

5F 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1 min. from Shinjuku Sta. east exit
11:00am-8:30pm(LO.8:00pm) Currently shortened due to the coronavirus.
(scheduled from March 20th to the end of May)
Holidays: Closed Irregularly
Languages: English
Average Price: 1,500~
Shinjuku Takano / Takano Fruit Parlor
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