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5 Tips – Buying a Home in Japan

Tokyo rent might not be as expensive as London or New York… but it’s still pretty high! With interest rates in Japan so low now, however, this could be an excellent time to buy. There are a few things you’ll


Looking for antique NETSUKE? Sagemonoya, opened more than 25 years ago, is still the only gallery in Japan specializing in genuine antique Netsuke. A wide selection and price range of these miniature carvings are available, together with Inro, Ojime and

Asakusa Yabusame

Among the lesser known of Japan’s martial arts is yabusame, a form of horseback archery. Yabusame events take place across the country throughout the year. Expat’s Guide went along to this year’s Asakusa Yabusame event, held at Sumida Park. Yabusame


A short distance from Yoyogi-Uehara Station in a quiet back street is this small eatery run by a husband (chef) and wife (sommelier) team. In the style of a Parisian bistro, the bright red exterior is easy to spot. The

What to do when sick or injured in Japan

When you are unwell, it is important to seek help from the appropriate facility, be it a hospital, a clinic or a simple drugstore. This page will take you step by step through the procedures involved in getting medical assistance in Japan.

Seasonal Conditions

Japan has four very distinct seasons, with a cold, dry winter and a hot, humid summer. Certain medical conditions are especially prevalent during particular seasons. Read this guide to help prepare yourself for seasonal afflictions.

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