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Japanese Airlines and Airports

Airlines Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) are the two largest Japanese airlines, operating both domestic and international routes. In recent years, a number of LCCs (low-cost carriers) including Skymark, Peach and Jetstar, have begun operating routes within

List of Traffic Signs

Below is a list of popular traffic signs as seen in Japan. A driver must display this mark on the car for one year after obtaining a driver’s license. Displayed on cars driven by a person over 70. Not obligatory.

Driving a Car in Japan

Driving in Japan will show you many aspects of the city and countryside that are inaccessible by public transport. Be cautious, because roads and highways in urban areas can be very crowded. Driving Rules Drive on the left side of

Arkios K.K.

Arkios’ bilingual agents, specializing in homes for rent in central Tokyo, will support you in every aspect of your relocation.

Century21 SKY Realty, Inc.

Century21 Sky Realty has 25 years of experience finding their valued customers amazing homes at miracle prices.

Winners Planning

Winners Planning covers marvelous houses and apartments for expatriates and expat families. Any inquiry will be welcome so you can get success and comfort for your new life.

Enplus Inc. – Real Estate Agency

From tailor-made accommodation solutions for your company to property management and property investment, they have you covered. Contact their Property Consultants to discuss your specific requirements.

H&R Consultants K.K.

H&R Consultants offers personalized professional service that consistently exceeds client expectations. Whether you are in Japan on a short term or long term assignment, they provide a range of on-going service and support to make your stay more pleasant.

Other Real Estate Agents

Below is the list of other notable Real Estate Agents.

Crown Relocations

First established in Yokohama in 1965, Crown Japan has been helping people relocate for over 45 years. Today Crown has offices in Tokyo and in Kobe, and 248 other locations around the world. Crown helps transferees and their families move their household goods and get settled into new homes. Their complete selection of services and their “one point of contact” structure function to meet employees’ needs so they can quickly become focused and productive.

Santa Fe Relocation Services

Santa Fe provides full relocation services from visa and immigration, moving, warehouse storage, housing/school searches, area orientation, cross-culture training and more.

Tokyo Orientations

The key to successful relocation: providing home search, settling-in and repatriation packages, visa and immigration assistance.

Asian Tigers Japan

Asian Tigers Mobility is a leading provider of international relocation solutions, providing comprehensive, end-to-end mobility services tailored to our client’s needs – everything from household goods moves to finding and getting settled into a new home. By partnering with Asian

TWA Inc. – Tokyo Relocation Services

Japan can test the most seasoned travelers. They provide a range of relocation services to help you start your life in Tokyo. They offer a host of services to suit your requirements from “Orientation” to “Settling down” packages.

Advance International Inc.

With a dazzling array of furniture, cutting edge electric appliances and fast flexible service, they will have you comfortable in no time.

SMART RENTAL – Tokyo Furniture Rental

Quality furniture and appliances for your apartment. Coordinated apartment packages including curtains, lighting and kitchenware. Available for one year or two year leases. Save time and money when relocating to Tokyo.

Tokyo Lease Corporation

Furniture rental for expats; contemporary large sofas, king-size beds, traditional Asian decors. Their in-house delivery staff will set up your home in a professional manner.

Other Furniture Lease & Sales Companies

Below is the list of other notable Furniture Lease & Sales Companies.

Housekeeping & Babysitting

There are a number of housekeeping, babysitting or pick-up dry cleaning services that serve the English speaking community. Housekeeping Babysitting

Nippon Express

One of Japan’s largest movers with much experience in overseas moving. Provides dedicated service using eco-friendly, safe and strong packing materials.

Yamatane Corporation

For 30 years, Yamatane has been offering personalized and sincere services to its customers, based on its policy “Trust Above All”. They make efforts not only to provide safe transportation services for your belongings, but also put a lot of

Other Relocation Companies

Below is the list of other notable Relocation Companies.

Other Moving Companies

Below is the list of other notable Moving Companies.


Garbage is separated by type and collected at specific locations on specified days. There are broadly 6 categories: burnable garbage (燃えるごみ / 可燃ごみ, moeru-gomi / kanen-gomi), Kitchen waste, tissues, scrap paper, rubber products, leather products, CDs, videotapes, clothing, disposable diapers,

Daktari Animal Hospital Tokyo Medical Center

The center can provide care to any kind of animal, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles and more. Other than veterinary services, the center includes a pet hotel, trimming and grooming, and a pet-related goods shop.

Seiai Animal Hospital

Yasuda Veterinary Clinic

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