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Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament will be held from 12th to 26th March in 2023. Sumo – an iconic sport that epitomizes Japan’s image internationally just as much as sushi; what other sport is as linked to just a single country,

Kamakura Koyo Drive

Kamakura (鎌倉) is a coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture, which used to be the capital in 12th and 13th century Japan. It’s about an hour driving south of Tokyo. It has a whopping 65 temples and 19 shrines, along with

Hita Sennen Akari

The historical town of Mameda (豆田) has been registered as a national cultural asset, and every year on the second weekend of November, Hita Tenryo Festival (日田天領祭り), a festival celebrating the historical importance of the area is held. The bamboo

Taketa Chikuraku

Taketa Chikuraku (たけた竹楽) is an illumination event that started in 2000 in Taketa City, where over half the city is covered by forested land, with a good portion of it being varieties of bamboo. Bamboo was once a valuable material,

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