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Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

National Center for Global Health and Medicine

The Center Hospital provides the best general healthcare services to overcome diseases and improve health with the aim of contributing to society. As one of the most advanced treatment hospitals in Japan, they provide patients with the best care and

NTT Medical Center Tokyo

NTT Medical Center has over 40 highly skilled specialist departments complemented by a dedicated Department of International Healthcare. The department of international healthcare is staffed by bilingual medical staff, and aims to provide holistic care and support for international patients.

Sanno Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Luke’s International Hospital has been offering high quality healthcare to Japan’s international community since 1902. The hospital consists of more than 40 departments with an emergency center operating 24/7. Physicians are well experienced with patients of various nationalities, and

Thinking about your dental health? Check out this clinic

There are likely many foreign residents in Japan who put off going to the dentist out of concerns about methods and treatment differing from those in their home country. With this in mind, we spoke to one Tokyo-based dentist who

Tokyo Medical University Hospital

Conveniently located right in the very center of the city, Tokyo Medical University Hospital (TMUH) is a large facility providing cutting-edge medical care to many patients. The International Medical Care Department was launched in 2016 with the aim of serving

Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital

Tokyo Takanawa Hospital

Out and In-patient, Health Care Center, International Assistance Desk Tokyo Takanawa Hospital has a specific team to assist all foreign patients. English, Chinese, and Russian interpreters are available.

Ambassador Dental Office Tokyo

Located across from the ANA Intercontinental Hotel, Ambassador Dental Office is run by Dr. Kojima, who has practiced in the US and licensed both there and here in Japan.

Azabudai United Dental Office Tokyo

UCLA dentist and NYU children’s dentist with 30 years’ experience serving the international community. High-tech facilities close to Tokyo American Club.

Azabujuban Cler Dental Clinic

Dr. Kaku’s Office

Specialist In Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.

Inaba Dental Office

International Dental Clinic

Kameda Kyobashi Clinic


Kan Dental Clinic

Tokyo Clinic Dental Office

Tokyo Midtown Clinic

Trust Dental Clinic

Nakamaru Dental Clinic

A private dental clinic offering a standard of care and treatment not possible under Japanese health insurance. Dr. Nakamaru is a UCLA-certified dentist offering general dentistry and implants, in addition to endodontic, periodontic and prosthodontic care, using a dental microscope

The Bluff Medical and Dental Clinic

The Bluff Clinic, a non-profit organization continues its mission of providing quality medical care to their community ranging from foreign residents as well as Japanese locals. A unique part of their mission is to provide their services that include medical

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