Monthly Archives: October 2023

Malvern College Tokyo

Malvern College Tokyo (MCT), opened in August 2023 and is the first British international school in Tokyo to implement an IB curriculum throughout all its school years (from Year 1 to Year13). Located in only 40-minute commute from central Tokyo,


In Japan, generally speaking, a single dentist handles general dental treatments, although dentistry is classified many specialties actually. Dental specialties are root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment, oral surgery, implant and restorative treatment. These treatments have been advanced day by day.

Ken Corporation Ltd.

Ken Corporation, which began as a high-end real estate brokerage for expats, are experts in finding the right home for rent and sale. Their strengths 1. Expertise in high-end residential properties in central Tokyo and Yokohama KEN’s specialization in these

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