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Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

National Center for Global Health and Medicine

The Center Hospital provides the best general healthcare services to overcome diseases and improve health with the aim of contributing to society. As one of the most advanced treatment hospitals in Japan, they provide patients with the best care and

Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital

Tokyo Physio

Tokyo Physio provides physiotherapy / physical therapy within walking distance from Hiroo. They specialize in sports injuries, knees, headaches, women’s health, tendon issues and back and neck pain. On-site free parking, health insurance rebates, and a sports massage and pilates

Club360 – Physiotherapy & Sports Massage

Club 360 is Tokyo’s premier physiotherapy and multidisciplinary practice. Club 360 seeks to find and correct the root cause of your problem to provide long-term pain relief and a preservation of the lifestyle you enjoy. Their highly qualified therapists liaise with a

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