(original photo by DaraKero_F; CC BY 2.0)

List of Traffic Signs

Below is a list of popular traffic signs as seen in Japan.

TrafficSign_Wakaba Beginner Driver's Mark
A driver must display this mark on the car for one year after obtaining a driver’s license.
TrafficSign_Kourei TrafficSign_Kourei2Aged Driver's Mark
Displayed on cars driven by a person over 70. Not obligatory.
TrafficSign_NoEntry No Entry
Road closed for vehicles including bicycles.
TrafficSign_NoEntry2 No Entry
Road closed for vehicles and pedestrians
TrafficSign_NoENtry3 No Entry
A one-way road with traffic coming towards you
TrafficSign_OneWay One Way
TrafficSign_NoParking TrafficSign_NoParking2No Parking
Numbers indicate hours (e.g. no parking from 8am to 8pm)
TrafficSign_NoParkingStopping TrafficSign_NoParkingStopping2No Parking or Stopping
Numbers indicate hours (e.g. between 8am to 8pm)
TrafficSign_ParkingAllowed Parking Allowed
TrafficSign_StoppingAllowed Stopping Allowed
TrafficSign_Stop Stop
TrafficSign_GoSlow Go Slow Drive at a reduced speed
TrafficSign_FollowTheDirection Follow the direction of the allows
TrafficSign_NoOvertaking No Overtaking
TrafficSign_MaxSpeed Maximum Speed Limit
TrafficSign_MinSpeed Minimum Speed Limit
TrafficSign_DeadEnd Dead End
Note: Dead end signs vary but are usually written in these words.
TrafficSign_BikeLane Bike Lane
TrafficSign_YieldToPedestrians Yield to Pedestrians
TrafficSign_Pedestrians_Bicycles Road for pedstrians and bicyclists
TrafficSign_Crosswalk Crosswalk
TrafficSign_SchoolZone School Zone
Schools, kindergartens, nurseries, etc. nearby
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