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Active-Ageing Chiropractic Tokyo

Active-Ageing Chiropractic Tokyo is located 4 min. walk from Futako-tamagawa station. Doctors of chiropractic, licensed in the USA and Australia, provide tailor-made care for back pain, neck pain, headache, shoulder stiffness, sciatica and postural problems. This clinic is the first

Free labor advisory services for global corporations and start-up companies

About TECC Tokyo Employment Consultation Center (TECC), is a public service sponsored by the Japanese government (Cabinet Office and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare). It provides advice regarding employment rules and labor management in Japan to help global companies

Asakusa Tatsumiya

Originally a kimono manufacturer and retailer, Tatsumiya, located close to Asakusa’s famous Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) has become famous for souvenir items which use kimono fabric, particularly kimono tumblers. The store has been featured on international TV and the kimono tumblers


Experienced, professional Filipino housekeepers deliver high quality service.

Knife shop KAMATA

With a legacy spanning four generations, Asakusa-based cutlery maker Kamata Hakensha is a cut above the rest. It sells top-grade handcrafted knives as well as superb factory-made products. Some of the world’s finest chefs are repeat customers thanks to stringent

Classical Japanese Dance Workshop Oct. 24th-28th

This month there is a rare opportunity for members of the public to participate in a classical Japanese dance lesson with professional dancers from the Onoe-ryu school. This form of dance, known as Nihon-buyo, has origins in kabuki theatre, and

Shinagawa International School – A New IB School for Shinagawa

Originally founded in 2007 as Jingumae International Exchange School, Shinagawa International School (SIS) moved to its current premises in June 2018. An IB World School for children aged 3-12, SIS offers a holistic and student-centered approach in an environment that

Workshop: Learning the basics of washoku

How much do you know about Japanese cuisine, or “washoku”? In 2013, traditional Japanese food was granted Intangible Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO, bringing about a sudden washoku boom across the world. Despite this surge in popularity, there is a

5 Reasons to Travel by Air in Japan

With all the available land transport services – express trains, shinkansen and highway buses – you would be forgiven for overlooking air travel in Japan. But flying has its advantages. For one, there is a much wider variety of destinations

Host Families Wanted for Tokyo Homestay Program

Homestays offer a valuable opportunity for young people to experience everyday life in the context of another culture. However, not everyone who would like do a homestay abroad has the financial background to able to. NPO Chokkura Homestay is an


Balleggs will help you find unfurnished rental apartments, with a focus on properties in Meguro, Minato, Setagaya, Ota and Shinagawa wards. Balleggs has strong connections with many landlords in areas including Nakameguro, Gakugeidaigaku, Jiyuugaoka, Sangenchaya and Musashikoyama. Friendly, English-speaking professional


Driving school with 30 years’ experience teaching expats to drive in Japan. Their English-speaking teachers provide instruction on driving and road rules in a polite and friendly manner. The office staff also speak English, so don’t hesitate to call!

Interior Collection

Interior Collection assists expats in decorating their homes, including sourcing furniture, re-upholstery, window treatments and art work.

HAYATO Roppongi

Bilingual stylists with over 8 years’ training experience in New York.


Wamon Okuyama serves quality, seasonal ingredients in course menus.

Edomae Sushi Hattori

Enjoy a sushi course menu made with seasonal ingredients carefully selected by the head chef.

Antique Nishikawa Tokyo Shop

Discover the real Japan and Japanese beauty through a world of Japanese antiques you will not find anywhere else.

Overcoming the Odds: Bilingual Education in Japan

I’m at one of Tokyo’s international preschools, observing the morning session. Two boys around the age of four are playing with toy cars; one is dragging his over a play roadway made of fabric, the other is racing an ambulance

Getting the Best Air Fares in Japan

A basic knowledge of how airline ticket booking works in Japan will help you navigate the various options, and allow you to get the best deals for domestic travel. When tickets go on sale For standard (non-discount) fares, airline tickets

Nakamura Azabujuban Clinic

Dr. Nakamura is board-certified in internal medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology and uses high-end equipment in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions. The clinic also offers health screenings, vaccinations, anti-aging assessments and treatment for allergies.

Noma Mental Health Clinic

Public Health Centers and STD Testing

Public Health Centers (Hokenjo) Operated by local authorities, public health centers, ( in Japanese) and are in place to promote the health and wellbeing of the general public. This includes support for expectant mothers and the elderly, and work to

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