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Tokyo Midtown Clinic

Tokyo Physio

Tokyo Physio provides physiotherapy / physical therapy within walking distance from Hiroo. They specialize in sports injuries, knees, headaches, women’s health, tendon issues and back and neck pain. On-site free parking, health insurance rebates, and a sports massage and pilates

Tokyo Women’s Clinic

Trust Dental Clinic

Club360 – Physiotherapy & Sports Massage

Club 360 is Tokyo’s premier physiotherapy and multidisciplinary practice. Club 360 seeks to find and correct the root cause of your problem to provide long-term pain relief and a preservation of the lifestyle you enjoy. Their highly qualified therapists liaise with a

Nakamaru Dental Clinic

A private dental clinic offering a standard of care and treatment not possible under Japanese health insurance. Dr. Nakamaru is a UCLA-certified dentist offering general dentistry and implants, in addition to endodontic, periodontic and prosthodontic care, using a dental microscope

The Bluff Medical and Dental Clinic

The Bluff Clinic, a non-profit organization continues its mission of providing quality medical care to their community ranging from foreign residents as well as Japanese locals. A unique part of their mission is to provide their services that include medical

Yokohama Sotetsu Bld. Eye Center

Watanabe Dermatology Clinic

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