(original photo by Hiroaki Kaneko; CC BY-SA 2.0)

Taketa Chikuraku

Taketa Chikuraku (たけた竹楽) is an illumination event that started in 2000 in Taketa City, where over half the city is covered by forested land, with a good portion of it being varieties of bamboo. Bamboo was once a valuable material, however, with dropping demand of bamboo today, the bamboo woods became more and more ruined. The city started this event with the purposes to improve this situation and maintain the bamboo forests, and to attract tourists to the city. The highlight of the event are the Chikuraku lights displayed on the steps to Kannonji Temple (観音寺). Also, the Bukeyashiki-dori (武家屋敷通り, historical area) has no telephone poles at all and the white clay walls offer a truly historical sight.

Taketa Chikuraku

Taketa City center, Ōita Prefecture
November 20 - 22, 2015
Website: Taketa Chikuraku official website (in Japanese only)
Website: Digital brochure (PDF, in Japanese only)
Taketa Chikuraku

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