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The methods and options available when establishing a new business in Japan, as well as the types of taxes differ greatly depending on whether you are opening a representative Japan office, a Japanese branch-office or a new company in Japan.

Corporate Taxes

Running a business in Japan requires you to pay various kinds of taxes to the national and local governments. Depending on the type and size of your business as well as the location of the head office, rates may vary

List of Hotels

The following hotels have conference rooms and banquet halls, and are convenient for business use. … free Wi-Fi | … paid Wi-Fi

International Schools

There is a good selection of international schools in Japan offering a wide curriculum and with a diverse student body not found in Japanese schools. They can be expensive, however (1 to 3 million Yen per year), and places are

Canadian International School

The Canadian International School Tokyo provides a Canadian-curriculum education for students from preschool to grade 12. The school is accredited by Canadian and Japanese Ministries of Education and is an IB World School. Admission is allowed at any time during

Japanese Schools

Even if the cost of international schools is not an issue, there are still educational and other reasons for non-Japanese families to send their children to a Japanese school for at least part of their stay in Japan. In elementary

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