The methods and options available when establishing a new business in Japan, as well as the types of taxes differ greatly depending on whether you are opening a representative Japan office, a Japanese branch-office or a new company in Japan. Due to the many different ways in which you can start a new business, it is advisable to consult with an expert on such matters. Furthermore, all written preparation needed to start your business must be completed in Japanese, including application materials and registration forms. Consult with appropriate Japanese specialists who can offer services in English.

In Japan, specialists in the fields of law and taxation are diverse. They are classified as follows: Bengoshi (lawyers), Shiho-shoshi (judicial scriveners), Gyosei-shoshi (administrative scriveners), Benrishi (patent attorneys), Zeirishi (tax counselors), specialists in social insurance, real estate examiners, and certified public accountants.

There may be cases when some of these fields overlap, however as a rule, each specialist is to handle problems or issues that are specific to his or her area of expertise.

  • Lawyers: Representing clients and counseling large businesses and corporations in judicial matters.
  • Judicial Scriveners: Assisting in business establishment and branch-office registration.
  • Administrative Scriveners: Assisting in visa and permit acquisition as well as various other business related matters.
  • Patent Attorneys: Consulting in matters concerning intellectual property such as patents and acquisition of necessary permissions.
  • Tax Counselors: Specializing in general bookkeeping and taxation matters.

For entrepreneurs, identifying and choosing the necessary and appropriate specialists can be a tedious and difficult task. Among the experts mentioned above, there are many that choose to maintain business partnerships with professionals from other areas, so as to offer the client a simple and convenient one-stop solution. Therefore, it is of great importance to search for consultants with extended experience in dealing with foreign companies.

For many years, A&C has assisted foreign companies expanding into the Japanese market with incorporation registration procedures. A&C has supported enterprises large and small from many different countries launching new ventures in Japan. Read More.
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