IUHW Mita Hospital

Sanno Hospital

Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital

Blanc Rouge

Featuring the finest in French cuisine, Blanc Rouge offers a menu full of your favorite French dishes, with modern twists. The Wine Cellar houses 1,000 bottles of selected wines from the winery regions of Eastern Japan and around the globe.

Nezu Museum

Established in 1940, Nezu Museum houses a private collection of approx. 7400 pre-modern Japanese and East Asian art. The collection comprises of renowned paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, lacquerware and metalwork. The collection also includes Chinese bronzes of the Shang

Decks Tokyo Beach

150 shops, restaurants and an indoor amusement park.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

A new shopping/amusement facility in Odaiba that opened in 2012, famous for the giant Gundam statue outside.


A wide variety of shops and restaurants spread across 7 floors of this sophisticated shopping mall. Here you will find Japanese regional cuisine along with a variety of fashion and lifestyle goods retailers.

MARK IS minatomirai

This shopping mall is located in the center of Minato Mirai. Chic fashion boutiques and name brand shopping are joined by a wide selection of Japanese and international restaurants.

Marunouchi Building

The Marunouchi building is located in the center of the Marunouchi – a district constantly bustling with people on weekdays and weekends. The building is a stylish and exciting spot for shopping, dining, cultural and entertainment activities.

Omotesando Hills

This Omotesando landmark is home to about 100 stores offering the latest in fashion and lifestyle items as well as a number of exquisite restaurants.

Queen’s Square Yokohama

A shopping complex with a music hall, gallery, and a hotel overlooking the Yokohama Bay Area.

Roppongi Hills

A mega-complex consisting of boutiques, restaurants, a hotel, a cinema, museums and an observation deck. The observation deck in Roppongi hills called “Tokyo City View” has floor-to-ceiling windows, an 11-meter-high vaulted ceiling and offers a marvelous view of Tokyo Tower

Shibuya Hikarie

A high-rise commercial complex with shops, restaurants, and a musical theater.

Shin-Marunouchi Building

Inspired by the concept of “Marvellous moments”, Shin-Marunouchi Building offers visitors a selection of about 150 stores, each bursting with originality and refined elegance.

The Yokohama Landmark Tower

At 296.33m in height and with 70 floors, this is the 2nd tallest building in Japan, and is home to a shopping mall, a hotel, and Japan’s oldest stone-built dockyard (National Cultural Asset).

Tokyo Building TOKIA

TOKIA is a utopia for discerning adults. All day, any day, TOKIA offers visitors amusement in the form of restaurants, live music and beauty care.

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown features a variety of stores, restaurants, bars, museums, a hotel, greenery and more.

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

A “fashion theme park” in the center of fashion and culture.


A shopping complex focusing mainly on bridal goods and gifts.

COSTCO (Kawasaki)

Costco is an American “members only” warehouse club, dedicated to offering the best possible prices.

KINOKUNIYA International Store

Has an exclusive offering of international food and also a French style delicatessen.

Meidi-ya (Hiroo)

Sells quality gourmet food and beverages from around the world.

Motomachi Union Main Store

Motomachi Union carries a wide variety of foreign imported foods.

National Azabu

Organic vegetables, wines and groceries from around the world including a wide selection of cheeses. Also sells household items, books and English cards. Signs and service in English. Delivery available.

NISSIN World Delicatessen

Nissin World Delicatessen has an established reputation for the range and quality of its meat, sausage and ham products. You can also find wine from all over the world, as well as a wide selection of international foods and ingredients.

Daimaru Tokyo

A department store by Tokyo station. The sweets counters on 1F and B1F are particularly popular.

Isetan Shinjuku Store

One of the most traditional and famous department stores in Japan, Isetan is known for their impeccable service and variety of quality products. Their “Guest card” allows foreign residents who are short-term stay to enjoy a 5% discount on some

Matsuya Ginza

Their selection of international designer brands range from Louis Vuitton to Fendi and Celine.

Ginza Mitsukoshi

Fashion labels and excellent gourmet food floors.

Seibu Shibuya

The Shibuya branch of Seibu department store delivers plentiful fashion items, gifts and children’s goods.


Sogo boasts an enormous food market, a number of fashion brands, and even a museum.

Takashimaya Shinjuku

Houses a plethora of Japanese and international luxury brands and a gorgeous gourmet department. Be sure not to miss out on their sweets. Also, be sure to check out Takashimaya’s dedicated web page including delivery, free Wi-Fi access and for

BALS Tokyo Roppongi by AGITO

High-end furnishings, interior goods and home wares.


LIVING MOTIF is a household goods store that provides everything from furniture, tables, kitchenware, interior decoration, and bathroom items to fashion accessories and stationery. Each floor contains displays that overflow with seasonal sensations and delight the eye. Beginning with newly

Bic Camera (Yūrakucho Store)

Electronics, cosmetics, etc. Everything in one store!

BICQLO BIC CAMERA (Shinjuku East Store)

Cameras and home appliances. A wide variety of goods!

Yodobashi Camera (Shinjuku West Gate)

Yodobashi’s flagship store is an electronics heaven with an extensive collection of products.

Tokyu Hands (Shibuya)

This ‘lifestyle goods’ variety store is a one-stop shop for hobby and home wares. In addition to everyday goods, from cosmetics and kitchenware to bedding and DIY products, Tokyu Hands specialises in useful gadgets and novelty goods to make life


With the introduction of the GLOBAL line in 1983, YOSHIDA METAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. (YOSHIKIN) led the world in the manufacture and marketing of all stainless steel knives of one-piece construction (integrated handle and blade). Ever since, this concept, and the

Aoyama Book Center Main Store

Books on art, design and foreign magazines.


Modeled as “A library in the woods”, here you can browse through the store’s large collection of movies, music, and books while taking in the natural scenery of the surrounding area. There is also a lounge where you can sit

Books Kinokuniya Tokyo

Kinokuniya is conveniently located near Shinjuku station, and carries a variety of publications, with a floor dedicated to foreign language books and magazines.

MARUZEN Bookstore (Marunouchi Main Store)

Over 1,200,000 pieces of literature are available at this “book museum”.

Shimachu (Nakano Store)

A DIY shop near the station, selling kitchenware, furniture, DIY equipment and bicycles.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Tokyo

Deep South cuisine with seafood and real Cajun dishes.

Café Tosca

Enjoy a buffet in a spacious, oasis-like atmosphere with 24 palm trees. The open kitchen at night with cooks preparing hot dishes right in front of you is especially popular.


Enjoy modern Chinese cuisine while taking in the panoramic view over the Tokyo Bay.


Taste Shoujin Ryouri (Buddhist vegetarian dishes), while overlooking a beautiful Japanese Garden.


Gourmet sandwiches, delicacies from around the world and more.

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