TOKYO SKYTREE & TOKYO Solamachi & TOKYO mizumachi

<strong>Tokyo Skytree & Tokyo Solamachi</strong>
Photo_TokyoSkyTreeAt 634m in height, TOKYO SKYTREE is the tallest architecture in Japan and the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower.

10:00am – 9:00pm (Observatories)
Short walk from TOKYO SKYTREE Sta. or Oshiage Sta.

Photo_TokyoSolamachiLocated at the foot of TOKYO SKYTREE, this commercial complex houses one of the largest number of shops and restaurants in Tokyo.

10:00am-9:00pm (restaurants on 6F, 7F, 30F, 31F: 11:00am-11:00pm) *Hours may vary among shops and restaurants. Closed irregularly.
Short walk from TOKYO SKYTREE Sta. or Oshiage Sta.

Photo_TokyomizumachiOpened in June 2020, a commercial complex located underneath the railway track that connects Asakusa station and TOKYO SKYTREE station. There are restaurants, shops, sports café and hostel.

Hours may vary among shops
5 min. from Asakusa sta. through SUMIDA RIVER WALK
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