Household Appliance Commands

Home Appliance Settings

The famous washlet has its place in advanced household appliances along with others, but you can’t read what it says, and it’s risky to try out all the buttons without further confusion.

To help, the following is a list of common buttons and setting controls found on household appliances with their English translations.

Air Conditioner Remote Buttons

運転 on
停止 off
自動 automatic
ドライ/除湿 dry/dehumidify
冷房 cooling
暖房 heating
入タイマー timer on (will start automatically with set time)
切タイマー timer off (will finish automatically with set time)
運転切換 change function
風向 air direction
風量 air volume (fan speed)

Washing Machine Switches

電源 power
スタート start
一時停止 pause
コース course (pre-programmed functions
there are variations you can choose from)
標準/おまかせ regular(recommend) cycle
洗い wash
すすぎ rinse
脱水 drain
乾燥 dry
水位 water level

Washlet Control Panel

おしり shower (backside)
やわらか soft shower
ビデ bidet (for ladies)
乾燥 dryer
水勢 water pressure
流す・大 strong flush
流す・小 gentle/half flush

Microwave Buttons

あたため・スタート Start button
飲み物 Warm up drinks
解凍 Defrost
トースト Toast bread (some microwaves include a toasting function)
お弁当 Warm up bento
フライあたため Warm up fried foods

Bath Control Panel (basic functions)

運転(入・切) On/Off
ふろ自動 Fill up empty bath. Don’t forget to close the plug!
追いだき Reheats water already in tub.
呼び出 Call button: When you want to call someone in the kitchen.
Usually for people needing aid.
優先 Press first to control 給湯温度 (temperature preferance) setting
給湯温度 Temperature preferance (change to user’s preferred setting)
(hot) (cold)
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