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Shiretoko is the southernmost point in the northern hemisphere with seasonal sea ice, which makes it the home for a unique and original natural landscape. It is abundant in marine life represented by salmon, as well as a rich diversity of wildlife such as brown bears and birds. Surrounded by a large native forest are the five lakes of Shiretoko, with its well-known attraction, the Kamuiwakka hotspring-waterfalls.

World Heritage: Shiretoko

Hokkaido Prefecture (Shari County Shari Town & Menashi County Rausu Town)
Access from Tokyo:
1hr40min from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Memanbetsu Airport (Hokkaido) by air. From Memanbetsu Airport, take the bus to Abashiri Sta. (30 min.) and then take the JR Senmo Line to Shiretoko Shari Sta. (45 min.)
Website: Shiretoko (Shiretoko Nature Foundation)
Website: UNESCO (English)
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