“SHINJUKU” Did you know?

This time we will introduce you a very popular city in Tokyo, “Shinjuku” along with characteristic figures and pictures. Viewing the city with figures paves the way to see the unique side of the city, which you won’t be able to know with a tourist guide.

  • Shinjuku City is a cluster of unique and diverse cities
  • There are plenty of unique and diverse landscapes from skyscrapers (Nishi-Shinjuku) to green residential area (Ochiai, Naitomachi), one of the largest shopping/bustling area in the world (Kabukichou), business area around the station (Shinjuku East Exit, West Exit, South Exit), refined shopping streets in the area (Araki- Machi etc), alleyways you can feel the history of Edo period (Kagurazaka), streets full of Asia’s exotic atmosphere (Oukubo) etc.

  • Word’s first in number of passengers
  • It is certified in Guinness world record, as world’s first in number of passengers with an average of 3.47 million passengers per day pass through the station. Even more surprising is that up to 23rd position, all stations are in Japan. It is just finally Paris is in 24th, and Taipei is in 25th. It is clear that the number of train station users in Japan is incomparable in the world.

    *Graph Shinjuku City 2017:City Administration Information Division, General Policy Department,Shinjuku City

  • Tokyo’s top in number of foreign population
  • Shinjuku is home to the highest population of foreigners in Tokyo.

  • Top most visited place by foreign travelers in Tokyo
  • “Shinjuku-Okubo” is the top in most visited area which accounts for 57.7%.

    *Graph Shinjuku City 2017:City Administration Information Division, General Policy Department,Shinjuku City

  • New South Exit of Shinjuku Station is Shibuya ward!
  • Shibuya ward is around new South Exit area, where Takashiyama Shinjuku is located.

  • Shinjuku Ward has had people from Joumon period (4000 years ago)!
  • In the area, human bones and Jomon pottery 4000 years ago have been discovered together.

  • Japan’s largest movie city
  • “Shinjuku” is the largest movie city in Japan, including mini theaters.
    Currently, there are six mini theaters in addition to three cinema complexes around Shinjuku Station.
    In the year 2022, a new cinema complex will be opened in the area where “Shinjuku Milano-za (Shinjuku TOKYU MILANO)” was located.

  • Shinjuku Gyoen
  • About 10 minutes far from Shinjuku Station, vast garden full of greenery and flowers is just like Central Park in New York City. In addition, about 65 kinds of 1,100 cherry trees are planted in the area and you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long period from February to late April.

  • Kagurazaka
  • A historic town that developed as a temple city. Hilly terrain is the distinctive feature of the city. When entering a narrow alley, the tone of Shamisen can be relished.

  • Moa Street:
  • Shinjuku’s iconic shopping street is located at the east exit of Shinjuku Station. Especially, Moa 4th Avenue is paved with granite and an open cafe is also set up regularly. Around 38,000 people (8a.m. – 8 p.m.) on weekdays, and around 60 thousand people on holidays passes by the street length of about 100 meters.

  • There are many Yokocho Alleyways
  • Shinjuku is famous for its building image, but there are many unique lanes called Yokocho – “narrow streets packed with izakayas, bars”, where the atmosphere of Japan’s Showa era is still remained intensely.


    SHINJUKU Did you know?


  • 新宿区には個性的で多様な街が集積
  • 超高層のビル群(西新宿)からみどり濃い住宅地(落合、内藤町など)、 世界最大級の繁華街(歌舞伎町)、駅周辺の商業地(新宿東口、西口、南口)、地域の風情ある商店街(荒木町など)、江戸の歴史を感じさせる路地(神楽坂)、アジアの異国情緒あふれる通り(大久保)等、個性的で多様な景色がたくさんあります。

  • 乗降客世界一
  • 1日平均乗降者数は約365万人と、世界一(ギネス世界記録認定)。さらに驚くことは、23位まですべて日本の駅が続きます。24位にようやくパリ、25位に台北が入ってくるだけ。日本の駅の利用者数は世界に類を見ないほど多いということがわかります。

  • 外国人の人口が都内一位
  • 外国人の人口が東京都で最も多い区は新宿です。

  • 東京で外国人旅行者が訪問した場所で1位
  • 「新宿・大久保」が第一位でした。(2015年東京都調査)

  • 新宿駅の新南口はじつは渋谷区!
  • 「タカシマヤ」のある新南口周辺は渋谷区なんです。

  • 新宿区には縄文時代(4000年前)から人が存在した!
  • 新宿区内では、4000年前の人骨と縄文土器がまとまって発見されています。

  • 日本最大の映画の街
  • ミニシアターも含め日本最大級の映画の街です」。現在は新宿駅周辺に3つのシネマコンプレックスに加え、6つのミニシアターがあります。
    2022年度には「新宿ミラノ座(新宿 TOKYU MILANO)」があった場所に、新たにシネマコンプレックスが出現する予定です。

  • 新宿御苑
  • 新宿駅から10分程度でありながら、みどりと花にあふれた広大な庭園は、まるでニューヨークのセントラルパークのようです。特に「桜」は約65種・1100本が植樹されており、2月〜4月下旬まで長い期間にわたって楽しめます。

  • 神楽坂
  • 門前町として栄えた由緒ある街。地形的に坂の多い町並みが特色です。細い路地に入ると、三味線の音色が響いてくることもあります。

  • Moa街:
  • 新宿駅東口に位置する新宿の象徴的商店街です。モア4番街には御影石が敷き詰められ、オープンカフェも常設されています。長さ約100メートルの街路時を、平日で3.8万人(8時~20時)、休日ともなれば約6万人が通行する。

  • 横丁が多い
  • 新宿は高層ビルのイメージが強いですが、じつは「横丁」と呼ばれる日本の昭和の雰囲気が色濃く残る、個性的な店が多く連なるエリアが点在しています。

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