Photo Gallery: Eastern Akita

Misato Town – Nyuto Hot Springs – Lake Tazawako – Kakunodate

Akita in summer abounds with surprises that are sure to delight any visitor, and the bounty of nature as well as hot springs grant much needed solace and refreshment for the city dweller. Well springs and onsen dot the landscape, and the land itself seems to overflow with fresh, pure water. At Misato this spring water is used for drinking and is a key component of the area’s fantastic locally brewed sakes. The hot springs beneath Nyuto Onsen heat a variety of mineral baths including the famous outdoor bath at Tsurunoyu. Along with this, locally made crafts such as the chasaji, which is used when making tea, and the Edo-era architecture of the old castle town Kakunodate, speak to just a portion of Akita’s history and traditions.

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