Big Float Festival of Sawara

Sawara no Taisai (佐原の大祭, The Big Float Festival in Sawara) is a traditional festival that dates back more than 300 years. The festival takes place twice a year, once in July in the Honjuku area (the east side of the Ono River), and once in October in Shinjuku area (the west side of the river). Giant floats, atop which ride large figurines as tall as 4 meters, parade through town, moving past each household, to the sounds of “Sawara-Bayashi”, one of the most famous traditional Japanese festival music in Japan. The figurines, made by well known craftsmen from the Edo and Meiji periods, are recognized for their artistic and cultural values. The festival is also regarded for the designs of lions and dragons engraved around the base of the floats, which each tell different tales. The skill of the performers is fully displayed during the “Hikimawashi”.

Access from Tokyo
From Shinjuku Sta. take the JR Sobu Line to Chiba Sta. At Chiba Sta. transfer to the JR Narita Line and get off at Sawara Sta.
Summer Festival: July 10 - 12, 2015
Autumn Festival: October 9 - 11, 2015
Website: Big Float Festival of Sawara (in Japanese only)
Big Float Festival of Sawara

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