Koganei Park

The second largest park in the Metropolitan Tokyo. Inside the park there is an Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum where you can enjoy restored buildings and scenes of daily life from Edo-period to post-WWII period.

Komazawa Olympic Park

Umino Koen (Marin Park)

Showa Kinen Park

The largest park in Tokyo area (165.3 hectares / 408.4 acres). So many areas to explore, including the entire 14km of cycling course, many sporting activities, outdoor barbeque, and variety of kids playground equipments such as giant bouncing domes.

Shin-Yokohama Park

Yoyogi Park

This lush and green park offers the grandest panorama of Tokyo’s sky and is also famous for its cherry blossom viewing. The area was first used as a US army housing site and then as the grounds for the Olympic

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