(original photo by Wei-Te Wong; CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tourist Passes & Day Tickets

Many train/subway companies offer one-day passes, as well as convenient passes for tourists and temporary visitors. Why not making the best use of them?

Convenient Passes for Trains & Subways

Here are some main popular passes for trains and subways.

One-day pass for JR trains running in the Tokyo Metropolitan District.
Price Adults 760 Yen / Children 380 Yen
One-day pass for most trains, trams and buses in the Tokyo Metropolitan District.
Price Adults 1600 Yen / Children 800 Yen
Allows unlimited travel on all Tokyo Metro lines within a 24-hour period, beginning with the first use. Can be bought from ticket machines.
Price Adults 600 Yen / Children 300 Yen

Passes for Tourists

The following passes are convenient for temporary visitors to Tokyo, and are sold at airports.

Keikyu from Haneda Airport to Sengakuji Sta. plus unlimited rides on all subways in Tokyo.

The N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket provides great savings for round-trip travel in Ordinary Car reserved seats on the Narita Express, operating between Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2・3, and major stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Price Adults 5000 Yen / Children 2500 Yen *Passport required for purchase.
Discount tickets for unlimited travel on all Tokyo subway (Metro and Toei) lines. Can be purchased by tourists at various airports, hotels and specified shops. Check the website for specific availability information.
24-hour Ticket (valid for 24 hours from first use)
Price Adults 800 Yen / Children 400 Yen
48-hour Ticket (valid for 48 hours from first use)
Price Adults 1200 Yen / Children 600 Yen
72-hour Ticket (valid for 72 hours from first use)
Price Adults 1500 Yen / Children 750 Yen
Round-trip or one-way ticket to and from Narita Airport + the Tokyo Subway ticket (information above; 24-,48- and 72-hour versions available). Available at the airport or from overseas travel agencies. Passport required for purchase.
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