International Food & Drink

Japan has a wide selection of foodstuffs available at its convenience stores and supermarkets, including many products of international origin. However, many expats in Japan find themselves missing certain items from home that just aren’t sold at the average supermarket. For those people, there are a number of shops and online stores that specialise in international produce and can help alleviate food-based homesickness.

Department Stores

The food courts found in large department stores often have a section dedicated to imported goods, from staples like cereals and rice from outside of Japan, to cooking sauces and foreign snacks and sweets. Foreign meats and cheeses are often also sold at their respective counters.

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International Food Chains

Sells a range of foreign food and drink with locations around Kanto and Kansai
Sells a range of foreign food and drink with locations across Japan
With international spirits, wines and beverages as its focus, YaMaYa also sells a wide selection of food, with stores across Japan.
Essentially a coffee specialist, Kaldi nevertheless sells a range of imported food including cooking sauces and snacks.
With several locations across Japan, Dean & Deluca sell a selection of foreign food items with a focus on the Mediterranean.
A wholesale supermarket that is open to all, Gyoumu Sūpā sells a selection of international products, specialising in items from southeast Asia.
Costco sells many imported food items in bulk, though a membership is required, with an annual fee.
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Online Stores

Specialising in meat products not commonly sold in Japan, The Meat Guy also sells a selection of other foreign foods.
Ambika specialises in foods from India and the subcontinent.
A family-run business that sells a selection of foreign foods from inside Japan, in addition to bulk-ordering items from overseas.
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