On July 24, 2011 all TV broadcasting in Japan had been switched to Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting. To watch TV, you need to buy a DTV, or a digital terrestrial tuner if you would like to continue using your analog TV. For details, see the websites listed below.

Satellite & Cable Television

Both available in Japan, satellite and cable services offer a range of premium content channels, such as sports, news and films. You can purchase the tuner and dish separately. Internet and telephone package options are available. Companies who provide satellite or cable television are listed below.

0120-109199 (toll-free, Japanese only)
0120-999-000 (toll-free, Japanese only)
0120-211-855 (#9English)
03-3814-2600 (Japanese only)
0120-580-807 (toll-free, Japanese only)
Internet/TV/Phone Assistance Services
ASSIST Solutions Corp. acts as agents for Japan’s major IT & TV service providers, and will arrange your services on your behalf (free service). In addition, their skillfull in-house tech staff can come to your residence when necessary (service fee required). They can also help you with advanced IPTV services such as Slingbox and VPN.

0120-660-470 (toll-free/English) or 03-3560-1006
Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays

Newspapers & Online News Resources

You can find the more popular English newspapers in Japan at most metropolitan train station kiosks and convenience stores.

Subscribing to online news sites not only allows you keep up with the latest global news but also gives you access to news archives and exclusive business information resources.
Following is a list of major English newspapers and online news resources.

0120-341-468 (toll-free)
0120-43-1159 (toll-free) or 03-3216-8866 (from mobile phones)
0120-036-242 (toll-free)


Some FM programs are broadcast in English. In the event of a major disaster, relevant emergency information will be broadcast by radio, so it is worth taking note of the following stations.

Playing a wide range of music, this popular radio station meets the listening needs of its fans with entertaining, bilingual DJs. Important information is provided on a timely basis, so whether you are interested in train delays that may affect your commute, news headlines or just an up to the minute forecast, tune in here. Disaster information will be broadcast in multiple languages in the event of an emergency. InterFM offers its listeners exclusive deals on concert tickets, travel information, etc..
Radiko is an IP simulcast radio that allows you to listen to your local radio through your computers and smartphones.
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