Foreigner-Friendly Housing Contracts and Agencies

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments include all the furniture, linen, cutlery and electrical appliances you need, as well as regular cleaning and concierge services, providing the comfort of home with the convenience of a hotel. Many people stay here with their families for a period of a few months. Contracts usually start at one month.

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Unfurnished Apartments

For families planning to live in Japan for a number of years, an unfurnished apartment is another option. You can buy or lease furniture, or bring your own from your home country. The facilities and services vary from apartment to apartment, some with basic appliances such as refrigerators, washer/dryers and lighting already included.

See also: the list of Unfurnished Apartments .

Furnished Apartments

Depending on the agency, furnished apartments generally include basic appliances and furniture and one set of linen. Utilities fees may be included in the rent, charged at a flat rate or based on usage. Where utilities are the tenant’s responsibility, the agency will usually assist with opening accounts. Minimum contract terms typically range from 1-3 months and can last several years.

Guest Houses / Share Houses

Guest houses are properties with multiple bedrooms that are rented to separate individuals. Typically tenants will have their own locked bedroom with basic furnishings while kitchen, bathroom and living spaces will be shared. They are typically available for short-term stays (though one month minimum stay rules apply in some cases) and are popular with students and temporary visitors.

Furnished Apartments and Guesthouses list

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