Aoba-Japan International School

Aoba-Japan International School is a K-12 school that is IB PYP and DP accredited. AJIS is rich in Japanese culture throughout the school, and is also proud to be a “real international school” as they are not affiliated with any country. They have students from all around the globe making for a multi-cultural atmosphere and environment, which is supported by a well-rounded, diverse, and qualified faculty, administration, and support staff.
A-JIS strongly encourage the enrollment of all students from all backgrounds. They believe that a well-rounded multi-culturally diverse student body only enhances the quality of education and the experience of the students.

Aoba School Classroom (Medium)
Aoba School Playground

Website: Aoba-Japan International School
7-5-1 Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku
12 min. from Hikarigaoka Sta.
3-18 yrs / K3 – Gr.9 (coed)
School Buses: Available
Parking: None
Number of Students: 540
Hikarigaoka Campus
2-11-5 Aobadai, Meguro-ku
8 min. from Daikanyama Sta.
K2 (1.5 yrs - ) - K5 (coed)
School Buses: Available
Parking: None
Number of Students: 80
Meguro Campus
6-18-23 Honkomagome Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-0021
Gr.10 – Gr.12 (coed)
School Buses: None
Parking: None
Number of Students: 90
Bunkyo Campus

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