Ministry of Justice’s human rights bodies offers free counseling services to foreign residents

Have you ever experienced discrimination because of your race or nationality, in your local community or workplace? Examples include being refused a rental property or store service on grounds of nationality, or one’s children experiencing bullying at school.

With the aim of giving proper respect to the human rights of foreign residents, the Human Rights Bodies has set up human rights counseling services accessible by phone (Foreign Language Human Rights Hotline), online (Human rights counseling services on the Internet) and in person (Human rights counseling centers), through 50 Legal Affairs Bureaus and District Legal Affairs Bureaus nationwide, to support foreign residents who are not fluent Japanese speakers.

In addition, these bodies will assess through human rights consultation, the situation and, as need requires, carry out investigations and take appropriate steps to help victims and prevent future occurrences. If you are worried about a possible human rights issue, get in touch. A staff member will be on hand to discuss your problem, and together you can look for the best possible solution.

Their services are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Nepali, Thai, Filipino and Indonesian.
(Internet counselling services are available only in English and Chinese)

*As the bureau is a governmental body, all advice is neutral and impartial.
*Advice is offered free of charge, and no paperwork is required.
* Referrals, legal advice, mediations*¹ between the relevant parties and interventions*² demanding an improvement in behavior from human rights offenders are offered, as considered appropriate.
*¹ *² these measures will only be taken with the understanding and agreement of the relevant parties, and cannot be forced if either party is unwilling.

Foreign Language Human Rights Hotline
Counseling services available by phone, online and face-to-face:

Phone (Foreign Language Human Rights Hotline):
0570-090911 9:00am-5:00pm, Mon-Fri (closed for New Year Holidays)

Online (Human rights counseling services on the Internet) : (English) (Chinese)

Face-to-face (Human rights counseling centers):
Legal Affairs Bureaus and District Legal Affairs Bureaus (Japanese only)

Read more here :  (PDF)

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