Shrines and Temples of Nikko

Nikko’s Tōshō-gū (日光東照宮), Futarasan shrine (日光二荒山神社), the 103 buildings of the Rinno-ji (輪王寺) and the ruins that surround it, have all been designated as World Heritage Sites. The most famous of Nikko’s many sights, the Tōshō-gū is a shrine dedicated to the veneration of the Edo period leader Tokugawa Iemitsu. The many skillfully aligned stairs, the impressive lacquer work and the beautifully artistic engravings all contribute in making Nikko a truly special place. Everywhere you go, you will find animal motives on and near the buildings, including the well-known “Sleeping Cat” and the “Three Wise Monkeys”.

World Heritage: Nikko

Nikkō city, Tochigi prefecture
Access from Tokyo:
1h 50min on the Tobu Line from Asakusa Sta. to Tobu Nikko Sta.
Website: Shrine and Temples of Nikko (Visit Tochigi)
Website: UNESCO (English)

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