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Nagasaki Kunchi

This event consists of musical performances in honor of the patron deities of the surrounding villages which are kept at Suwa Shrine. One of the main features of this festival is its international flair, including cultural imports from Holland, Portugal and China, and its dynamic performance program. It also offers you a glimpse at some local Nagasaki tradition during Sakoku period Japan, when Nagasaki was the only port open to non-Japanese traders. Also popular are the boat themed festival floats as well as the “Jaodori” and “Kokkodesho” performances. Except for 4 venues, the festival is completely free of charge.

Nagasaki Kunchi

Suwa Shrine and other sites in the city center , Nagasaki prefecture
Access from Tokyo
Approx. 2 hours from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Nagasaki Airport (Nagasaki). 45 min by bus from Nagasaki Airport to JR Nagasaki Sta.
Access to Suwa Shrine: 10 min by walk from “Suwa Jinja-mae” tram stop
October 7-9 every year
Website: Nagasaki Kunchi official website (in Japanese only)
Nagasaki Kunchi

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