Series : How to prevent, deal with COVID-19

It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 was swayed by COVID-19, and unfortunately it has not gone yet. The Expat’s Guide to Japan is now sharing information on how to prevent, deal with the viruses and so on with the help of Smart119, a company founded by an active emergency doctors at Chiba University School of Medicine.

1. Differences between COVID-19 and Influenza

While the sense of caution of the infection is gradually diminishing within us, the season of influenza epidemics has arrived. Influenza epidemic begins around the end of summer every year.
When you don’t feel well and think it may be influenza, you may be infected with the COVID-19 that causes more serious symptoms. If you have any similar symptom with the COVID-19 or feel any danger, you need to take the utmost care for yourself and those around you. READ MORE

2. How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask Properly (Surgical Masks)

The second topic in the series is “How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask Properly (Surgical Masks)”. Wearing a mask has become an everyday thing in Japan, and it has almost becoming a matter of public etiquette. It’s now an everyday thing, but you may not know proper way of putting on (or taking off) the mask. In order to reduce the risk of infection, let us learn or confirm how to wear and remove a mask.READ MORE

3. The Correct Timing for Spraying Hand Sanitizer

The third topic in the series is “The Correct Timing for Using Hand Sanitizer”. Using hand sanitizer nowadays is as commonplace as wearing a mask. There may be many people who just pour disinfectant solution on their hands without thinking about it. Here we learn proper timing to disinfect to use it more effectively.READ MORE

4. How pet owners can prevent and take precautions for COVID-19

The fourth topic in the series is “COVID-19 and Pets “. For pets owners, pets are important family members. There have been various rumors about pets and COVID-19, no end to worry about the pets as well as people. Let’s learn more on how pet owners can prevent and take precautions for COVID-19 here.READ MORE

5. Latest Information on the COVID-19 Symptoms.

The 5th topic in the series is “Latest Information on the COVID-19 Symptoms”. There are many “rumors” about the symptoms of the COVID-19, and no one actually knows what is right. Let us gain a better understanding and the right knowledge about the symptoms here to be able to face your symptoms calmly and act accurate when you feel unwell.READ MORE

6. Pregnancy in COVID-19 Disaster – 9 things you need to know.

The 6th topic in the series is “Pregnancy in COVID-19 Disaster – 9 things you need to know”. There are still many things unknown about COVID-19 which may cause pregnant women feel extra anxious. Here’s a summary of nine things you need to know about pregnancy in this “Corona-era”. Let’s protect babies! READ MORE

7. How to Prevent Heatstroke During Corona Disaster

The 7th topic in the series is “How to Prevent Heatstroke During Corona Disaster”. Wearing a mask has almost become a common manner, but in the heat and humidity of the Japanese summer, it is not easy to keep it on. Let’s take a look at how to prevent heat stroke in the Corona era. READ MORE

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