A&C Tokyo: service for registering the incorporation of a small-sized enterprise

(This service is offered by Yoshihide Kurihara, judicial scrivener for A&C International)

A&C TokyoFor many years, A&C has assisted foreign companies expanding into the Japanese market with incorporation registration procedures. A&C has supported enterprises large and small from many different countries launching new ventures in Japan.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of Asian companies joining the Japanese market, and in the number of startups by foreign residents in Japan. In the early days of a new venture, there is a need to keep expenses as low as possible. It is in response to this need that A&C bases their low-cost services.

Full-strength, wholehearted support

1. Cost

  1. Registration of the incorporation of a limited liability company (Japanese Godo-Kaisha / G.K.): A total of 190,000 yen, including registration tax: 60,000 yen (if capital × 7/1000 does not exceed 60,000 yen) and the expense for producing the registered seal of the company.
  2. Registration of the incorporation of a joint-stock company (Japanese Kabushiki-Kaisha / K.K.): A total of 430,000 yen, including registration tax: 150,000 yen (if capital × 7/1000 does not exceed 150,000 yen), the fee for notarizing the articles of incorporation, and the expense for producing the registered seal of the company.

2. Content of the service

  1. To produce all necessary documents for registering the incorporation in Japanese and English
  2. To apply for registration on behalf of clients
  3. To produce the following items:
    1. Three copies of the certificate of all registered items
    2. Three copies of the seal impression certificate
    3. One seal impression card
    4. The registered seal of the company

For inquiries and requests, please refer to the following contact information.

CJ Bldg.,11th Floor 7-4, Nishishimbashi 2-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0003
Website: A&C International
Contact Information:
Shiho-shoshi Lawyer: Yoshihide Kurihara (kurihara@a-ctokyo.com)
Foreign Client Relations Manager: Joshua Calico (calico@a-ctokyo.com)
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