Photo Gallery: Tsukiji Fish Market

A favorite of foreign visitors and sushi lovers alike, the Tsukiji Market is the world’s largest wholesale seafood market, famous for its wide selection of mysterious foodstuffs from the deep. With around 1,600 varieties of sea creatures, expect to see octopuses, deep sea crabs and eels being sold alongside more exotic fare. Beginning at 5:00am, the tuna auction is one of the largest attractions due to the exorbitant prices this commodity commands, setting a world record in January 2012 when a blue fin tuna was sold for around 56 million yen. Many visitors opt to take the first train in the morning or simply walk after all-night karaoke in nearby Shimbashi. The sushi and sashimi stalls around the market sell some of the freshest sushi available in Tokyo.

Access from Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market is a short walk from Tsukiji-shijo Sta. on the Toei Oedo Line or Tsukiji Sta. on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

Tuna Auction

Number of visitors: Only up to 120 visitors are permitted per day, on a first-come first-served basis. No reservations can be made for individual visitors.

Time: Registration starts from 5:00am at “The Fish Information Center”

Tours: Visitors are divided up into two groups of 60 according to their order of arrival.

  1. First group visits the tuna auction area from 5:25am to 5:50am.
  2. Second group visits the area from 5:50am to 6:15am.
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