Photo Gallery: Shuzenji – Amagi – Kawazu

Located in the highlands of Izu Peninsula, the mountain paths and waterfalls in Mt. Amagi and Kawazu had always been a favorite among 20th century Japanese poets and writers such as Kawabata Yasunari, author of Izu no Odoriko (伊豆の踊子, “The Dancing Girl of Izu”). Today the trails are popular with hikers and hot springs with visitors of all ages. The area is also widely known for producing high-quality wasabi and shiitake mushrooms.

Access from Tokyo

Shinkansen: From Tokyo Sta. or Shinagawa Sta. take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen (Kodama) to Mishima Sta. and change to the Izu Hakone Railway bound for Shuzenji Sta.

Express train*: From Tokyo Sta. or Shinagawa Sta. take the “Izu no Odoriko-go” express train to Shuzenji Sta. “Super View Odoriko-go” express train is also available between Shinjuku Sta. and Shimoda Sta.

*The number of “Izu no Odoriko-go” and “Super View Odoriko-go” trains is limited as compared to Shinkansen. Although “Super View Odoriko-go” stops at Kawazu Sta. it does not stop at Shuzenji Sta, so a transfer is necessary. Please be sure to check the time table and destination beforehand.

From Shuzenji Sta. take the local bus for Shuzenji-Onsen to reach the town center. Amagi and Kawazu are accessible by local bus as well.

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