Photo Gallery: Kiso-Fukushima

Kiso-Fukushima is a post town of Nakasendo which is also widely known by the name of “Kisoji”. Nakasendo is one of the Five Edo Routes along with the famous Tokaido and Koshu Kaido Routes, and connects Kyoto and Edo winding through the mountainous regions of central Japan. Back in the Edo period there were 167 post towns, of which many still remain with the remnants of the old ages. With Mt. Ontake nearby, the region is rich in natural resources including mineral water, hot springs, and wood especially Japanese cypress. In town you will find a number of shops selling high quality cypress crafts, such as rice and soup bowls, chopsticks, other tableware and interior accessories.

Access from Tokyo

Kiso-Fukushima is easily accessible from central Tokyo by public transportation. From Shinjuku Sta., take the Super Express “Super Azusa” or “Azusa” to Shiojiri Station, and then change to “Wide View Shinano” to Kiso-Fukushima Sta. Or, from Tokyo Sta. take the JR Nagano Shinkansen (Asama) to Nagano Sta. and change to “Wide View Shinano”. Both routes take about 3 hours 20 minutes.

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