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Inter-city Travel by Air

There are 2 airports in Tokyo: Haneda and Narita. Everyday, there are many flights departing and arriving at either Haneda Airport or Narita International Airport.

Haneda Airport


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There are 2 domestic terminals, and 1 international terminal. Being the hub airport for Japanese national airlines, Haneda is the center of domestic travel. In addition, the expanded international terminal is becoming Tokyo’s other base for international traveling, with the number of flights to Asia, USA and Europe increasing.

03-5757-8111 (general information) | 5:00am-1:00am
03-6428-0652 | 2F Arrival Lobby
7:00am-10:00pm | Near the Keikyu ticket gate on the Arrival Lobby floor in the International Flight Passenger Terminal

For information on airlines, please refer to the airport's website .

Transportation to the Airport


03-3374-4303 (Japanese only)
03-3665-7220 (inquiries and reserv.)

Convenient Services

Private Parking

If you are going to the airport by car, you can use the convenient parking services at a reasonable price.

0120-333-800 (toll free, Japanese only)

Baggage Delivery Service

Luggage delivery service from your home to the airport.

03-3541-3411 | Terminals 1&2

Narita International Airport


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Narita International Airport is one of the largest international airports in Asia. There are 2 terminals, so it is necessary to know which terminal your flight is departing from.

0476-34-8000 (flight information & inquiries, 24hrs.)
Terminal 1: 0476-30-3383 | 1F Arrival Lobby
Terminal 2: 0476-34-5877 | 1F Arrival Lobby

Transportation to the Airport


03-3665-7220 (inquiries and reserv.)
0476-34-8755 (Sat&Sun: 0476-32-9516)

Convenient Services

Baggage Delivery Service

0476-35-2864 | Terminals 1&2
0120-17-9625 | Terminals 1&2

Airlines and Terminals at Narita International Airport

Data collected from the official website of Narita International Airport in October 2014.

Terminal 1 North WingTerminal 1 South WingTerminal 2
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